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NPP govt not in control of Cedi depreciation-Fiifi Kwetey

Former Deputy Finance Minister, Fiifi Kwetey is urging political parties  to stop taking credit for what they are not in control of.  The Former Deputy Finance Minister, Fiifi Kwetey said, factors affecting Cedi depreciation is not within the control of government. Government does not have what it takes to control the Cedi depreciation since it is external factors that is affecting the Cedi depreciation. He had a word of admonishment to the ruling party especially Vice President Dr. Alhaji Bawumia who went round after hundred days of assuming power beating  his chest that he has arrested the Cedi depreciation and handed over the keys to IGP. The Cedi has broken jailed and the entire country is teasing, laughing and pointing fingers at Dr. Bawumia. Fiifi Kwetey said, it is not easy for anybody to say he is in control of Cedi depreciation.  Government can control inflation as government is having single inflation but aren’t able to control the Cedi depreciation. Both sides need to have the honesty to admit when it comes to the Cedi depreciation that is not within their control. Many politicians don’t have the courage and the honesty to tell the truth because they want to create a certain image that they are the messiah’s. NPP claimed they have the magic to solve the problem but they are now exposed.


Fiifi Kwetey is calling on the NPP government to stop the hypocrisy they are exhibiting in government.  Fiifi Kwetey said, Vice President Dr. Alhaji Mahamoud Bawumia went to town with trumpet and screaming all over the place that, when your fundamentals are weak the exchange rate will expose you. At the time Dr. Bawumia was doing all that, the Cedi had depreciated by 4% with 14% economic growth with single digit inflation for two years yet he went round shouting that the economy was in shamble.  If Dr. Bawumia wants to be taken serious he must made admission of wrong doing the past. Now he comes to power, he wants us to believe that, the economy is better than they inherited from the pass administration.  The hypocrisy that double tongue and opening your mouth and speaks through your teeth must stop.

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