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Mfantseman Municipal Assembly fails to meet project deadline

Mfantseman Municipal Chief Executive, Kenneth Kelly Essuman failed to meet deadline given team concerning death trapped Kormantse Hasowodze Methodist Basic School when the news team engaged him in November, 2018. When our news team visited the school to cover the story and engaged Kenneth Kelly Essuman concerning what is being done to prevent another “Breman Jamra Disaster”, he assured our news team that the school will be renovated during their holidays. According to the Municipal Chief Executive, the building will see new roofing before schools re-opens. The assembly has failed to honour the assurance he gave our news team but the project is under renovation.

The Municipal Chief Executive Kenneth Kelly Essuman is assuring the public that as they have touched the renovation of the primary block, they will also work on the Junior High School which is also on the verge of deterioration. The assembly collaborated with the Municipal Education Directorate and the school management to relocate pupils of the affected classes to a new location to continue their education. 

Kenneth Kelly Essuman told our news team that, the assembly, management and Mfantseman education directorate have re-located pupils of the affected classrooms to new location to ensure continuous academic work. He believes the project may be completed by the end of this month.



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