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Daddy Lumba Had No Hand In The Death Of Anokye Supremo

Daddy Lumba Had No Hand In The Death Of Anokye Supremo

There is no death that would occur in Ghana which Ghanaians would not aspire superstitious meaning to. So long as you die, especially at a young age, the superstition police would come out with their own explanation of what actually led to the death.

It doesn’t help either that preachers are always filling the air with ‘doom prophecies’, which further ingrains the idea that every death has some supernatural force behind it.

The recent death of the Daddy Lumba lookalike Anokye Supremo has brought out some of the superstitious police to start making allegations against none other than the legendary Lumba himself.

The veteran singer was embroiled in a legal battle with Supremo over the latter using his image and likeness to promote his career and thus after Supremo’s death, some people linked the legal battle with Lumba to Supremo’s death with the claim that he killed Supremo to get him out of the way.

However, a former manager of the late singer, Frank Agyekum, has decided to come out and address that conspiracy. Speaking on Onua Fm, Agyekum said he knew Supremo very well and there is no reason to link his death to Daddy Lumba.

According to him Anokye clearly died of a tumour and what the public needs to do is to research about the condition to understand what happened to Supremo, instead of casting insinuations against a legend like Lumba.

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